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Chile heads, gourmet cooks, aficionados, and the just plain curious!!!  Straight from the central Rio Grande Valley of the chile growin' capital of the world,  New Mexico, we offer a huge selection of high-quality, freshly dried chile products, in whole pod, pulpa, powder, and flake form. Many of our chiles are grown in the Oaxacan  region of Mexico, Peru, Belize, and New Mexico, of course!!! They're stored under strict temperature/humidity conditions, and are simply the best dried chiles available.

Here are just some of the chiles we offer! Some of the rarer chiles go in and out of stock, but almost all of them are in stock, all the time. Find these and many more on the DRIED CHILES page:

 Aji Amarillo, Ancho, Cascabel, Catarina, Chilcostle, Chiltepin, Chipotle Morita (red), Chipotle Meco (brown), Costeno Amarillo, Costeno Rojo, De Arbol, Pasado (dried green), Guajillo, Habanero, Hungarian Cherry (smoked), Japones, Mulato, Negro Pasilla, New Mexico Mild, New Mexico Hot, Onza Rojo, Pasilla de Oaxaca, Pequin, Pico de Pajaro, Serrano Seco, and Thai.
***Many of these are also available in powder or flake form!!!***

On our SPICES PAGE, you will find a large selection of Southwest, Tex-Mex, Mexican, and Latin American spices to use in your favorite recipes.

 Herbs and spices include selections such as:
Annato seed, dried onion and garlic granules and powder, blue corn meal, chicos,
cinnamon sticks, cilantro, cumin seed, Mexican oregano, manzanilla, etc. Spice it up!!!




New Products, not listed on their respective pages yet, but available via email, include Green Japones Pods,  Green Tabasco, Red Tabasco, and Chimayo Powders, New Mexico Mild Powder ground without seeds and stems, Mulato and Pasilla de Oaxaca Pulpa, Triple X Hot Pequin Flakes, Chicos (dried corn), Epazote Powder, Mexican Oregano and Avocado Leave Powders.

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